1. Who do I contact about my first hike?

You can e-mail our club at pvhc2000@hotmail.com, and we can supply you with the necessary information. But if you already have a schedule, all you need to do is call the hike leader, and let that person know you want to hike.

2. What should I take with me on my first hike?

Wear hiking boots, and bring a lunch, water, rain gear, and first aid items.

3. How far do you walk, and how long will it last?

Each hike varies in distance, difficulty, and length of time. So “always” call and discuss the hike with the hike leader before showing up at a hike meeting place.

4. When are the club meetings, and what if I can’t make them?

The club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at First Baptist Church, West Springfield, MA, at 7:00 p.m. All members who can’t make the meetings are mailed a schedule of upcoming club activities. The schedule includes other pertinent hiking information.

5. Does the club do other activities besides hiking?

Yes, as an alternative, members backpack, bike, camp, canoe, socialize together, and go to special events.

6. I am single. Will I be able to meet other single people in the club?

The club has a large variety of people that are single, married, divorced, with and without families. We have people from 10 to 70+ years of age. We are proud of a diverse group and diverse range of activities that allows our members to meet each another.

7. I have kids. Can they join me on the hikes?

Yes, we have kids come along many times, but be sure the hike is not over their ability. Talk to the hike leader about it. We find kids do best with friends along, than as only one child.

8. Can I bring my dog on a club hike?

Because there are often a lot of people on many of our hikes, it is our policy not to have dogs come on club hikes. This prevents non-compatible dogs from ending up together. You may be able to find fellow hikers in the club who want to hike with their dogs, and set-up some getaways outside of the published activities

9. What is the mission of the club?

The club’s mission is to provide outdoor recreation activities centered around hiking in New England. We try to provide activities at all experience levels. We are also committed to good land stewardship, low impact camping and have accepted the maintenance of M&M Trail sections 1 and 2.

10. How do I join the club?

There is a club membership application form that you can print from the club website at: PVHC Membership Form (revised March 16, 2022)